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It all started with an Instagram account (Diary_of_a_housewife) about four years ago. My passion for fashion and makeup inspired me to share my daily outfit and makeup looks with other women. Eventually, my following grew and I started getting featured on many makeup and fashion social media accounts such as Fashion Bomb Daily, People En Español, Latina Magazine, Anastasia of Beverly Hills, Target, and many more.

Women in small businesses started reaching out for support and collaborations as a social media influencer. It was a blessing in disguise serving and helping each and every one of them. At this point, my own social media platform continued to grow. Much of my Instagram followers, friends, and family continued to ask when I (Diary_of_a_Housewife) would launch my own brand. This is when Shop Diary Of A Fashionista was launched in the summer of 2018.

I’m a housewife and mother of three, now turned entrepreneur who wants to keep sharing her love of fashion. I personally selected clothing pieces that reflect my style to inspire and provide fashionable and affordable looks mixing low-end with high-end brands, but always keeping in mind its not about brand it’s about style.

Hope you find exclusive pieces in my collection that sets you apart with style and grace. Stay tuned as I continue to add more items to my collection.

Selene Barron
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